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Full of the Joys: The World’s Wildflowers of Spring

March 5, 2015 | Comment

It’s here, it’s here! Regardless of the fact that the car still needs de-icing, winter wear remains a necessity and the patter of hailstones continues to sporadically accompany a portion of the day when March arrives it begins to feel like Spring and the first of those brave buds cracks through the soil on the threshold of heralding the new season. Below are some of Earth’s greatest displays of Spring.



Goegap Nature Reserve, South Africa

Goegap SA


Spring in Darling on the Western Cape of South Africa is July to October. Oranges, yellows, purples and pinks; the desert landscape bursts into life with hues of sunset. The best wildflowers are to be found in Namaqualand.



Mt Diablo, California


Photo by Joe Christianson

Spring in California is March to May but it’s usually March and April that the Gold Poppies burst joyously forth. Mt Diablo and also Bear Valley or the Picacho Peak State Park in Arizona are some of the best places to find and walk among them.



Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps

Photo by Roberto Sysa Moiola

Visiting the Swiss Alps in early spring may afford you a lucky glimpse of fields filled with crocus’. They appear shortly after the snow melts and last just briefly; the brief hand of nature at its most glorious.



Northern Cyprus



In March and April the Cyprian coastline is bordered by a variety of wild orchids – including Giant and Fan-lipped orchids while the Kyrenia Mountains are host to a whole range of wild flowers.



Himalayas, Bhutan



In April to September the orchids and rhododendrons of Bhutan emerge. The Mountain passes of Dochula Pass and Pelela Pass offer the best wildflowers. Nature Treks provide panoramic views of the higher Himalayas where the paths are lined with the national flower, the blue poppy.



Borrego Springs, California



Spring in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California has become renowned worldwide for the few months (March to May) in which the desert transforms and erupts into colour.



Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Wicklow Mountains-Heather


Spring in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland is March to May and while it is really more of a summer spectacle the heather has been known to bud as early as May (with unpredictable weather the peak viewings vary year to year); the gorgeously rugged landscape is blanketed in dusky purple tones.



Margaret River, Australia



Spring in Margaret River, Australia is September to November; though the native orchids have been known to bloom as early as June. The town boasts 2,500 wildflower species and tours are available in season.



Lily Valley, Big Sur, California


Photo by Roberto Sysa Moiola

Spring time in the Garrapata State Park is March – May and despite the steep drops and excess of poison ivy the walk through the lily grove where the exquisitely elegant wild calla lily frames the awesome views of the Pacific ocean is deemed worth the perils.



Ashridge Estate, England

ashridge bluebells uk

Photo by James Appleton

Spring in England is March to May and the common bluebell is synonymous with the English springtime. The delicate little flowers bob in the breeze and at the Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire the woodland floor ripples with them.

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